Here’s to Now by Teagan Hunter (Book Review) HAPPY RELEASE DAY!

Here’s to Now by Teagan Hunter is now available on Amazon. This is aanother great story from Teagan!

5 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review.

This is Gaige’s story. (YAY!)

Gaige is the sexy, “bad boy” and has been a bit of a mystery in the past “Here’s to…” books. I knew that there was going to be a deep and emotional story behind him and I was right! Without giving too much away, Gaige is a very complex and REAL guy. He has everyday issues and some not so everyday issues that he has to deal with – who doesn’t!? His backstory is realistic, he easily can be one of the many people you encounter daily and I absolutely love that! Teagan has created a (yet another) complex and realistic character that is relatable. By doing this she has created a story that is captivating and thrilling because her characters, specifically Gaige, pulls you into the story and doesn’t let you go (even after finishing). Gaige’s story spoke to me because I know people just like him. I wanted him to win. I wanted him to overcome his past and daily struggles. In my eyes, Gaige stole the show in this book.

Besides Gaige being on point, Haley is too. She is a quirky, sweet and a driven woman. She too has things to work through. Together they have great chemistry. They are fun and awkward but best of all… their chemistry is so hot and steamy!

This book will not disappoint. I was laughing out loud at all the awkward banter/conversations and grinning through the HOT chemistry!

Buy on Amazon.

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