Icing (ACES Hockey, #2) by Kelly Jamieson (Book Review)

4.5 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

This book can be read as a standalone.

Country boy and NHL star, Duncan Armstrong has sworn off women after dumping his hot, gold digging model girlfriend. The last thing he would expect is to meet a cute and down-to-earth waitress, Amber Johnson. Amber is a smart, hardworking college student. Having two part time jobs as a waitress and model all while balancing school is very difficult but Amber has no other choice. Making ends meet while helping her mother, Amber doesn’t expect to fall for the incredibly handsome man sitting at the bar where she works…and she has no clue he is a NHL star.

This sports romance (hockey) will keep you captivated until the end! As of lately, I have been really enjoying the hockey romance books. I am not really into sports – specifically hockey but you don’t need to be a huge fan to follow this book! I found myself smiling a lot throughout this story and I really enjoyed every minute of it!

The main characters, Duncan and Amber, have great chemistry! Both are humble, caring, loving and compassionate. Amber wants to help make the city better by interning/wanting to work with a non-profit and Duncan wants to help Amber (and others) financially and be a support. Both are very sweet. (I would easily get along with both of them if I met them on the street – I love these characters.) Their back stories, specifically Amber, help to show their personal growth and how they have become the people they are at the very end. Duncan is very quick to try and help Amber when she gets into financial difficult situations and Amber is quick to deny the help. Both are independent and “set in their ways” but learn to “give” to a certain extent.

The storyline is fun and heartwarming. I really enjoyed Amber’s interactions with Duncan’s friends and family and vice versa. The interactions between Duncan and Amber are cute…I was rooting for them all the way! Although the chemistry is hot, I wish there would have been more chemistry/interest with Duncan and Amber in the very beginning. Both seemed only slightly interested in each other and I started to worry what would happen….if they would even be the main couple in the story. YET…I am glad that Duncan and Amber weren’t obsessed with each other from the start.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read…and I am really looking forward to reading more books by Kelly Jamieson. She has a great group of characters!

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