Dream With Me by Elyssa Patrick (Book Review)

4 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley

There are other books featuring different characters from this story, this can be read as a standalone. The ending of this book contains an epilogue featuring main characters from the other books too!

Evie Hart first met Griff Sinclair at a college freshman mixer party. Instantly, she was attracted to him but as she approached she hears him say something that tears her apart. Now she hates him. For four years of college, they realize avoiding each other is near impossible since they have the same English major. With Evie’s hatred growing from Griff’s constant glares and remarks, no one would have expected them to hook up. Now Evie has to decide what Griff means to her…

I thought this story was really cute and had some GREAT moments. There are moments when Evie and Griff talk and bare their souls to each other that are absolutely beautiful. (Example: cloud gazing scene). I really enjoyed the heart to heart talks and what Evie and Griff wanted for their futures. They are great characters. Evie is extremely determined and hardworking. She knows what she wants in life and where she wants to go. This makes things very interesting when many of the things she has planned out in her mind do not goes as she thought they would. Griff is also determined and hardworking yet he has a past that is holding him back. His past is heart breaking and really adds many layers to his character. As a reader, we get to see how his past defines him and his relationship with Evie. It’s very interesting.

The chemistry between Evie and Griff is hot! I loved seeing how they reacted to each other. My only issue is that I did feel a bit of a disconnect between them. With Evie’s “hatred” towards Griff in the beginning and the lack of response from Griff, these two did not captivate me from the start. I almost wrote them off as the main couple but I kept reading on…and I am so glad I did! I know that Evie’s immaturity is apparent in the very beginning to help show her growth at the end of this book but it was almost too much for me. I would have wanted less of a “hate” response from Evie and more interactions from Griff to show his interest in her. Griff showing more interest for Evie in the beginning would help to pull the reader in.

Overall, I am very impressed by Elyssa Patrick’s story. There were a few moments that I just had to stop and process because they were so good, rich and heartwarming! Check out this book!

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