Pass Interference by Desiree Holt (Book Review)

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ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley

Tyler Gillette, party girl and daughter of the owner of the San Antonio Hawks Football team has always been in the shadows of the football team and wealth/fame that comes with it. Embracing her wild side, she is known to be the girl at the bar getting drunk and causing trouble with the men she encounters. At 32, how long can Tyler keep this lifestyle up? Especially when someone from her past starts threatening her life.

 Rafe Ortiz, former Hawks running back, works in the security business that partners with the Hawks. He quickly finds himself helping the beautiful disaster, Tyler Gillette, when her father appoints him to be her bodyguard. How is he supposed to think clearly when Tyler ignites his desires every time she is around? Can he keep her safe from the lurking dangers?

What a fun, refreshing and captivating story! I really enjoyed the premise of this book. The football, the football heiress, the impending danger and the hot bodyguard! Desiree Holt does a wonderful job of pulling all of these things together to make a thrilling story that I could NOT put down. I also really enjoyed the characters, Tyler and Rafe. (It’s very refreshing to have “different” names for the main characters, I really like them!)

Tyler starts off as a very immature, party-loving brat. Her immaturity seems extremely excessive for a 32 year old woman but I understand that her circumstances/past made her the person she is in the beginning of this book. As the story progresses, we see why Tyler is harboring pain and hate towards her father, she has always felt that he loves his sports team and wealth over her. I definitely think Tyler’s feelings are justified but at the same time I wish she would have been more adamant or clear to her father that she was upset. (It would have been nice to see her trying to reach out, but at this point she has given up). She is convinced that he wanted a son…hence her name “Tyler.” Clearly there are some deep seeded issues between them and Tyler doesn’t want to address the issues. It takes her life being in danger to make them come together. Towards the end, I really like Tyler. She has the most growth throughout the story and I enjoyed seeing it. Rafe is also a great character. He is handsome, caring, protective and well rounded. He really pushes Tyler to grow up and forces her to realize what she wants to do in life….and I love that! Rafe and Tyler’s chemistry is HOT!

Overall, I enjoyed this read! I wish there would have been more “danger” moments that we could have witnessed. Like seeing “the stalker” almost get Tyler or to even have a “close call” encounter. I was already on the edge of my seat but I would have been even more emotionally invested if something more would have happened.

Read this! It will hook you!

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