No Angel by Tara Hart (Book Review)

ARC provided for an honest review.

5 of 5

Release Date : April 18, 2016

“Sometimes I think Charlie is the strongest person I know, but slowly the cracks are beginning to show.”

WOW! I could NOT put this book down. The characters are complex, the dialogue is entertaining and the plot is solid, captivating and thrilling. I absolutely loved it! One of my new favorites!

Charlie is such a wonderfully developed character. She is an average girl attending college and working part time. Her life is dysfunctional. She lives with her alcoholic mother who enjoys partying more than taking care of her own children, Charlie and thirteen year old son, Connor. Charlie has a past that forces her to be and appear “tough”. Although she has this façade, she is sweet and compassionate. I could see this right away with her interactions with her best friend, Grace, and her brother, Connor. I absolutely loved seeing Charlie interact with her brother, she clearly loves him and it is evident that she cares for him in the absence of her mother. She is smart and very much aware of her own actions. I loved that she is self-aware (to an extent) and knows that she is acting out. Her thoughts and actions justify this. After past incidents, she is labeled “a slut” and instead of fighting against those calling her out, she concedes to “let it go” and to appear to not care what others say. Can someone really let those words go without being hurt? Instead of standing up for herself she starts to embraces it. She embraces being a “slut.” During her downward spiral she meets Evan and everything begins to change. Can Evan break through Charlie’s façade? It’s very enlightening to see Charlie’s emotional journey throughout this story. I find it very intriguing to read her thoughts and actions to various scenarios as she grows and gains perspective. Although I do not have the same experiences and circumstances, I could easily relate. Tara does a wonderful job of creating Charlie a well-rounded character that can be related to on many different levels.

Evan is also a great character! He has a past that he needs to face and conquer. He, like Charlie, appears tough but is sweet and compassionate. He too grows in this story and Charlie helps that to happen. Overall, they help each other grow. At first, honestly, I didn’t know what to think of Evan. I really wanted to like him but as the story progressed he kept doing or saying things to raise “red flags”. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for something major to happen. Evan hooked me. I, like Charlie, kept myself guarded from him. This made the story even more intriguing. I was trying to figure him out along with Charlie. It definitely heightened the emotions in this book. I felt everything Charlie did. I was angered, frustrated, devastated and ecstatic at various points.

Evan and Charlie make a cute couple – I was rooting for them! And their chemistry is HOT!

The secondary characters, Grace, Kyle and Jobe, cannot be overlooked because they add so much to the story. They too are well-developed and intriguing!

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. It hooked me in the very beginning and kept me captivated. I see you Tara Hart. I see you! I cannot wait to read more of her work and maybe Kyle or Grace will have their own stories!? I would love to read those!

Want to read a book that will give you all the feels and take you for an emotional ride?! Check this book out. It’s so good!

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