Snow Prints (Michigan Moonlight #2) by May Williams (Book Review)

4 of 5

Copy provided for an honest review.

This is an intriguing and charming read! The main characters are interesting and complex and the setting/details are wonderfully rich.

Gracie is a smart and driven single mother with a rough past. Trying to move forward, she works multiple jobs to provide a good life for her son, Brett. Her past failed relationships have taught her to not let anyone in, even the attractive Adrien Peterson, whom she has history with. When she finds out Adrien has moved in next door, her life becomes complicated. Adrien has always loved Gracie and is not afraid to show it. Now living next door to her, he is determined to break down her walls and convince her to give him a chance.

I love Adrien! He is sweet, compassionate and genuine. He clearly cares for Gracie and Brett. I was rooting for him from the very beginning. Gracie was not my favorite character. I realize that she has a complicated past/history that makes her extremely cautious in her relationships, especially her love life, but I could not connect with her. I think it would have been nice to have the story from her perspective because I couldn’t quite understand her words and actions; I would have liked to hear her thoughts.

As a Michigander and MSU Alumna, I LOVE all the Michigan details. Seriously, I was smiling and saying, “Yes!” in agreement as I read the settings. All of the settings/details really add to the charm and romance of the story. They add a rich layer that is captivating!

Overall, this is a sweet and charming romance story!

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