In His Corner by Vina Arno (Book Review)

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Copy provided for an honest review.

Quick and sweet read! The characters are well developed and the plot is interesting and captivating!

Siena is a young, intelligent and compassionate woman. She works as an ER doctor, spending most of her time working at the hospital and volunteering at a local clinic. After ending a long term relationship, she has to decide what she wants in life. Honestly, she was all over the board for me. She seems to be “stuck” in her life. Her long term relationship had ended a while ago, he had supposedly moved on and she consumed herself with work. When she attends to a very attractive man, the Juggernaut, with a large gash on his forehead, she realizes that her body is ready to move on. She is clearly unsure of what she wants in a man and in a relationship including if she even wants to be in one. Her upbringing has instilled an importance in appearance and taste therefore she enjoys the finer things in life. She appears to be, what the Juggernaut calls her, a “snob”.

The Juggernaut, Tommy, is quite the opposite of Siena. He is a mid-weight boxer/fighter. Although he is very intelligent and caring like her, he has a very different background and perspective on life. He seems to have come from a background that is more laid back and less enthused by money and the “finer things” in life. Tommy is very causal and laid back. He uses slang terms like “chill”, “homies”, and “babe” which make Siena uncomfortable. He doesn’t normally wear designer brands or go to fancy restaurants like she is accustomed too. He is a kindhearted and all around “good” guy but he too is struggling with what he wants in his love life. He has broken off a long term relationship because he didn’t want to commit. After deciding to abstain from women and relationships for over a year leading up to very important fight, he gets injured and needs stitches. This is where he meets a beautiful doctor, Siena, who awakens his desires.

Siena and Tommy have a strong attraction to one another but can they make a relationship work? She’s uptight and he’s laid back, are they ready and able to compromise and embrace each other’s differences?

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. The “opposites attract” theme, complex characters and hot chemistry kept me captivated and wanting to see how things would play out! I found many of the interactions between Siena and Tommy funny, sometimes awkward, endearing and frustrating, They had me on a ride of various emotions, I was very much invested in them as a couple. (I wanted them to be together!) I also really enjoyed the “boxer”/”fighter” aspect of Tommy’s life. What a new and fresh idea! My only issues were a few moments seemed a little slow (I was invested in Siena and Tommy’s relationship so I pushed through) and Siena’s stubborn ways/thinking had me frustrated and unable to fully connect with her.

I am very glad that I read this book! It was fresh and fun! I would definitely check out more of Vina Arno’s work. I really enjoyed her writing style – clear and concise!

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  1. Hi Kelly.
    Thanks so much for the review and for giving a debut author like me a chance. More power to you and your blog!
    Cindy Fazzi (Vina Arno)


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