Damaged by Jody Holford (Book Review)

4.5 of 5

Copy provided for an honest review.

This is a sweet romance that will break and warm your heart!

Maddie is a smart and strong woman who has and continues to overcome a very difficult past. To survive and move forward she has distanced herself from society and buries herself in her work – making custom designed jewelry that holds deep meaning in her heart. She suffers from various past emotional traumas that she cannot overcome on her own, she needs the strong and sexy man, Noah, who forces her out of her shell more than she knows. I absolutely loved how raw and real Maddie is in this story. Her story is heart breaking yet inspiring. Seeing her “growth” as the story progresses is captivating. She is such well developed and relatable character.

Noah is a strong and supportive man who has always been there for his sister, Natalie, especially after he helps her recover and stand on her own after escaping an abusive relationship. While settling Natalie in her own apartment, he runs into one of the neighbors, Maddie, and is immediately attracted to her. He sees past her strong and unwavering facade and realizes that she too is beautifully broken. Being a compassionate man, he wants to help and will do anything and everything to get to know Maddie.

This story has a strong plot and is filled with great character dialogue/interactions. I felt very much invested in getting to know Maddie, Noah and Natalie. I quickly grew to like them and wanted to know how their stories would progress and where they would end up! I would find it very interesting if another story was written in Natalie’s point of view, I really enjoyed her character.

Although the chemistry is steamy between Noah and Maddie, the sexual content in at a minimum. I would have wanted more but I think it helped to not take away from the main story/plot. It helped to focus on the deep issues of heart break and healing.

Looking for a sweet romance!? Check out this book. I loved Jody’s writing style – I can’t wait to read more!

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