Fallen Hearts by Angela Colsin (Book Review)

4.5 of 5

Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Copy provided for an honest review.

Maddox is a vampire who respects and values the life of humans/mortals. She has always made a point to work with them knowing that violence isn’t needed to live together. They could have a mutually benefiting life. When Maddox learns of a vampire, Lillian, looking to complete a ritual to allow vampires to walk in the daylight, she becomes a threat to Lillian’s plan. Knowing that Maddox could be a problem, Lillian locks her away in a tomb. For over 70 years, Maddox has to endure her tortuous confinement until one day a human seeking revenge against Lillian releases her.

Stephan and his sister were captured and used by a group of vampires. His sister was murdered and he escaped but was infected with an incurable disease that would eventually end his life. Wanting nothing more than revenge against those who took his sister from him, he vows to kill each vampire that brought harm upon him and his family. On his search for the last remaining vampire, Lillian, Stephan frees Maddox in hope that she can help him in his search. Stephan needs Maddox to find Lillian and Maddox needs Stephan to help her integrate into the modern world but can they really work together? Especially with Stephan’s all-consuming hate of vampires?

This book is richly detailed, immersing the reader into the wonderful paranormal world created by Angela Colsin. Like her other books, I am amazed by this complex world and characters she has created. Each story she takes the reader for a ride using mystery, suspense and romance! Each book follows a couple who learn that they are “mates”/romantic partners. It’s so exciting to see them find each other and fall in love!

Maddox and Stephan’s story is dark, heartbreaking yet heartwarming and overall enlightening. Seeing Maddox break through Stephan’s negative views/perceptions of vampires was encouraging and made for a great story. Unlike Angela’s first three books (Blue Moon, Light of Dawn and Strange Brew) this book takes it’s time getting into any romance. It took a little longer than I would hope for BUT it was needed at the same time. Stephan has been traumatized in his experiences with the vampires, therefore he wasn’t going to trust Maddox right away. I understand that. I honestly didn’t think Maddox and Stephan could work together and I was actually rooting for Kivsey (Stephan’s friend) as the love interest. ((I hope there will be Kivsey’s story!)) As the story progressed I grew to love Maddox and Stephan!

If you are looking for a paranormal romance that will take you for a ride – this book is for you! Amazon-https://amzn.com/B0166GRN9M

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    To answer the question of “I hope there will be Kivsey’s story!”, I have to say why yes, yes there will be! I’ll confirm her impending story for sure (not saying it’ll be my next book, but she *will* be coming back) and I should probably go ahead and hint that I have some ideas in mind for Mathias and Giroux, too (because even bad guy vampires need lovin’ lol!) 🙂

    Thanks so much for the review! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Fantastic! I can’t wait! 😁

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