200 Followers!?! Thank You!

Over 200 followers!?!…THANK YOU!

I started this book blog because I love to read. Reading is one of my hobbies, an escape and something that brings so much joy to my life! My parents, especially my mother, really made reading/books an important part of my life.

I used to watch my mother read. They way her eyes would scan each word and how immersed she would get was captivating…and ultimately started my fascination in books. She would always tell me…”you can ride an elephant, fly a plane or swim to the bottom of the ocean, all from your livingroom just from reading. ” How true! Books can take us on an adventures, teach us something new or just give us a means to escape briefly from our crazy lives.

I want to share the great books I read with you all! Besides blogging the books I read, I really enjoy reading all of your blogs! Keep sharing! Happy Saturday…and READ ON! ❀

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