Bookish Tag: A – Z About Me (Sort of Book) Tag – Response –

A – Z About Me (Sort of Book) Tag

I was tagged by Book Huntress World to answer the “A – Z About Me (Sort of Book) Tag” questions – so here are my answers!

A – Age: 27

B – Book(s) you are reading: Reclaim by Beth Yarnall (I actually just finished this today – review coming soon!)

C – Chore you hate: Putting away laundry – ugh! Why can’t it magically put itself in the dresser and/or closet after I wash it all!?!?!?

D – Dessert you love: Froyo

E – Essential start to your day: Coffee and water

F – Favorite author/book:Ugh – I always hate this type of question. I have toooooooo many favorite authors and books! Right now some of my favorite authors are… Teagan Hunter, Lucy Score, Colleen Hoover, R.J. Lewis, Tillie Cole, Angela Colsin, K.A. Tucker and more!

G – Gold or silver? Silver

H – Height: 5’8″

I – Instrument you play: None – I was always in choir in school, never in band.

J – Job title: Marketing Coordinator

K – Kids: None yet!

L – Living arrangements: My fiance and I are moving into our first house soon!

M – Most overused word in your vocabulary: Awesome… Haha!

N – Nicknames: Kel, Kay, Elly…

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None I can think of…

P – Pet peeve: Using the word “defiantly” instead of “definitely”!

Q – Quote you like: “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde

R – Right or left handed: Right

S – Siblings? Only child!

T – Time you woke up today: Around 6:30am, went back to sleep and finally got up at 8:30am! Yay for sleeping in!

U – Unique thing about you: I have a ton of freckles on my arms that make me look tan!

V – Vegetable you love: Green beans

W – Worst habit: I tend to cover my mouth when eating, like casually putting my hand in front of my face…I don’t know why! I also like to buy/hoard books when my “to read list” is already a mile long. Totally not a bad habit…right!?!?

X – X-rays you’ve had: My nose. I broke it when I was 12.

Y – Yummy food you make: Tacos, beef stew, and pizza!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

And that’s me, Kelly! If you would like to do this too – go for it!

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