Reclaim by Beth Yarnall (Book Review)

3.5 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Adult Romance (contains sensitive subjects)

Nolan is a private investigator working for Nash Security. He suffers from a lack of confidence and self-esteem since he can’t seem to catch a break from his bad luck. Lila is a young woman and lawyer working on a pro bono case to help a woman currently in prison for her killing her own son, when in fact it was an accident. All evidence points to this as an accident but Lila needs the help of Nolan to secure evidence that could overturn this case. While working together the chemistry between Nolan and Lila flares up. Can they keep a professional relationship or will the hot attraction mess everything up!?

Lila also has some secrets that will push Nolan away…

This story was a bit difficult for me to read because of the subject matter, plot and overall execution of the story. There are some serious and sensitive subjects (no spoilers here- read the book!) covered which I think are very important for a reader to “experience”. They definitely force you to think and give some insight/perspective into how someone would feel and react to these situations. I really commend Beth for writing this book; it had to be extremely difficult and emotionally draining! The subjects were tough yet captivating, but I found the execution and flow of the plot to be unsteady and hard to follow. First the book focused on the court case Nolan and Lila were teamed up on and about halfway in, the story turned to the inner/personal struggles of Nolan and, mostly, Lila. By the time of this change, I was so captivated with the court case that I was disappointed in the sudden switch to the inner/personal struggles. I thought both the court case and the struggles worked great separately, they just didn’t mesh well together. The ending also was too quick for me…it felt too rushed.

There are some really great things in this book. The court case is thrilling, the characters are well-developed and the chemistry is HOT! Heads up – there are some extremely hot, sexy, steamy and gritty love scenes!

Overall…I have been thinking about this book since I have finished it, which means it made an impact! The subjects covered were captivating and heartbreaking. I was rooting for all of the main characters because I was so emotionally invested in them!

This book will force you to think and will stick with you! Amazon –

I read this as a standalone but there are other in this series – check them out!

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