No Falling Allowed by Melissa West (Book Review)

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ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Adult Romance

Grace is the daughter and only heir to her father’s multi-million dollar business. She has an extremely comfortable life including her all paid living expenses and access to money whenever she needs it but she wants more. She has her own passions and dreams and wants to start from the bottom and work her way up to the top. She wants to create a business of her own that she could be proud of. When she rejects her father’s offer for a job with the family business everything is taken away from her. She loses her current job, her expensive apartment, her credit cards and her family. She is cut off. Luckily she finds a job that sends her south as a wedding planner. Trying something new in a different place could be fun! Until she see him. The man she had a one night stand with and has been constantly dreaming and thinking about.

Noah “Hunter” can’t forget the beautiful woman that he had a one night stand with or the fact that he snuck out without leaving any information. One day in his small town, in the bar that he owns, she walks through the door…

I LOVED the concept of this story! Two separate individuals working hard to create the lives they would be proud of, a hot and steamy one night stand, and fate bringing them back together! I was so excited to see how they would run into each other and how they would react! The downside is that it took about half of the book to get to this point. I think this book would have been even more thrilling and captivating if they would have found each other quicker…not right way but faster than halfway through. I wanted to have more awkward interactions/meetings between them to help grow the chemistry. With that being said, once they meet back up the chemistry was hot and fun!

I loved the bantering between Noah and Grace. I really liked that they were from two very different lifestyles and backgrounds but both of them were down to earth and relatable. Thank god Grace wasn’t a stuck up, spoiled brat…she was a smart and driven individual. Grace was by far my favorite character. Noah was hard to understand and “read”. He clearly has some issues that aren’t brought up until the end, which is intentional but made it difficult to really fall in love with him right away. He did have some great characteristics though! He is attractive, smart and very caring. We see him in a father role for his little brother and that is very commendable!

Overall I enjoyed this read! It’s sweet and fun – check it out on Amazon!

4 responses to “No Falling Allowed by Melissa West (Book Review)”

  1. I haven’t heard of this book before but it definitely sounds like something I’d like too.

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    1. Definitely check it out! It was a fun and sweet read!


  2. I have to check this out then. Beautiful review, Kelly! xx

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    1. Thank you!!! I really enjoyed this read! 😊


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