Only 99 cents! Ends today. Get Predator by Michelle Horst!

4.5 of 5

Adult Romance/Suspense

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My review below:

This is in the very beginning of the book… “If you need a warning before reading a book, then this book is not for you.” This book contains a lot of uncomfortable moments and is not for those easily upset.

Cara is on the run. She is wanted…dead. After years of running and hiding she starts to let things slip and suddenly she is found, taken to a shipping container, beaten and abused. Everything is stolen from her. She is near death when a mysterious man shows up to save her.

WOW. This book has left me speechless.

Where do I even begin? This book ripped my heart out…over and over and over again. I seriously haven’t read something so emotionally draining, uncomfortable and life changing in so long… It is so well done. This book is NOT an easy read. It is NOT all about happily ever afters, prince charming and the gushy kind of love. Be prepared. This book covers some extremely sensitive topics and delivers such well-crafted and emotional moments that will stick with you for many days.

Michelle Horst is amazing at writing character’s inner thoughts, actions and dialogue that is realistic and relatable even if the reader hasn’t experienced these situations. Yes there are some extremely tough moments and there are some really great ones too. You have to experience the low moments to truly appreciate and put the great ones in perspective. Seeing Cara grow and learn from the beginning to the very end is breathtaking. There were moments that I didn’t like her choices but that never took me away from the story. Her character captivated me from the very beginning and I had to see her through to the end. I am so glad I did.

This book is stunning. Available on Amazon. (Only 99 cents right now!)

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