Stitched Up Heart by Tarina Deaton (Book Review)


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Adult Romance/Military Romance (Contains PTSD)

ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review.

Brianna “Bree” is a physical therapist. She served in the military and enjoys being able to help other soldiers who are recovering from combat. She is smart, driven and sassy. As of recently, her life has been a blur and change is needed. After walking into her fiancé having sex with another woman, she finally sees the change and cuts ties with him. Taking a chance, she goes out to a local bar with her best friend to forget the disastrous night. She doesn’t expect to meet a tall, strong and handsome man who can help her forget everything and bring down her walls.

Jason “Jase” used to be in the military and knows how difficult it can be coming back and having to deal with horrific and tragic situations experienced while serving. In fact he has lost a few people in his life and has learned to cope by going to the bar and choosing a new woman each time. When he goes out with some buddies he notices a beautiful and sassy woman at the bar that makes him feel things that he has never felt before.

Bree never thought she could just have a one night stand. Jase always wanted one night stands… until Bree. He will not let her get away…

This steamy read with make you laugh out loud, fidget in your seat and grin constantly with the funny (and sometimes awkward) situations and conversations between Alpha Jase and sassy Bree. Their hot chemistry will also make your heart flutter! I would say their chemistry and interactions were my favorite parts of this book. I really like how Bree was driven, strong and didn’t take anything from anyone. I like how strong Jase was but at times felt that his “alpha-ness” was a bit too much and came off a little controlling BUT it still made for some fun scenes! Another great thing about this book is it’s more than just a romance. It’s a thriller and mystery WITH hot romance. The plot is very detailed and moves steadily which kept me captivated to the very end. The mystery kept me guessing!

Check out this thrilling read! Pre order  here on Amazon. Releases September 18, 2016.


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