Bookworm Box Reveal (September 2016)

Bookworm Box Reveal! (September 2016)


What’s inside my September Bookworm Box!?!?

Here is the reveal! 


*Promotional Flyers/Cards/Signed Bookmarks
*Bookworm Keychain/Bookworm Pen
*Bookworm Bracelet


*Signed copy of Ready to Fall (A Wingman Novel) by Daisy Prescott
*Signed copy of Unwritten by Chelsea M. Cameron


I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting the Bookworm Box each month. It is always full of fun book surprises and SIGNED books!!!!

What more info!?

The Bookworm Box is a monthly subscription ($39.99 + Shipping) where a box full of book related goodies and signed books is delivered to your door. They ship at the end of each month, which is why I have June’s box now! All profits go to charity! Every box gives you the list of charities that are benefitting from the box.


Check out the Bookworm Box website for more information! Monthly subscriptions are limited. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when spots become available. Also check out their swag store! (That’s where I ordered my April 2016 box because they had extras!)

6 responses to “Bookworm Box Reveal (September 2016)”

  1. Love the Bookworm Box! Great books this month!

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    1. Right!? Love the Bookworm Box!


  2. Oooh yay! Another book box to check out 😀 Have you looked into the Bookish Box? They have some pretty amazing boxes, too!

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    1. I do keep hearing about the Bookish Box…I will have to check them out!!! 😊

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  3. Love seeing ppl’s boxes, though I’m super envious! I want a subscription box, but I’m broke until the end of the semester… 😭

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    1. I love getting this box but yea…it’s a bit expensive!


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