Adult Romance

Protector by Michelle Horst (Book Review)


5 of 5 (Intense, Breathtaking and Amazing)

Riley watched her family be tortured and murdered by the hands of criminals. Everyone and everything was taken from her and yet she lived. How can you truly live when you were supposed to die? How can you even begin to move forward?

Riley survived with the help of a group organized to take out the criminals. She has to make a choice. She can give up or learn to live in the wake of all the deaths. Each day, moment, and breath is torturous and learning to trust is difficult.

Life is precious.

Griffin failed, almost. He was too late yet just in time. On a mission to save his friend, Josh, and Josh’s family, he enters into a room full of death. The only hope is that in the broken woman found barely hanging onto life. Having made a promise to her brother, Griffin makes it his personal goal to keep her safe.

He is her protector.

*speechless* Seriously…wow…just wow.

This book took me for an unbelievably emotional ride. I haven’t had my heart broken, mended, broken and mended so many times that I had in this book, ever. I could not put this book down because I became so invested in Riley and Griffin’s lives. I had to see what was going to happen next, which is why I devoured this in a couple of hours. Michelle Horst knows exactly how to build a detailed story with complex characters that will hook a reader. She is able to create a book that makes you feel. That is why this book is amazing and breathtaking!

This story is very difficult to read, yes…readers be warned, but this book is so breathtaking and astounding because it makes you FEEL. A book that makes you THINK. A book that makes you appreciate your life, your family and your friends. This book gives perspective and something to think about days after reading it. This book will stick with you. It has with me.

(Releases November 2, 2016)

Check out Michelle’s other works too. I really enjoyed Predator (my review here)

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