Devil’s Honor by Megan Crane (Book Review)


4 of 5

Adult Romance/Motorcycle Romance

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Merritt Broussard made a choice. Instead of staying in her hometown being run by the motorcycle club, Devil’s Keepers, she leaves to the big city of New York to pursue her dreams to become a lawyer. She leaves behind the hot outlaw, Joseph “Greeley” Shaw, whom she had a summer fling with. Leaving behind her family, friends and her sexy summer fling, she doesn’t look back even if it breaks her heart.

Greeley never wanted someone more than Merritt, everything about her sets him on fire. After trying to convince her to stay with him, she leaves. Turning to club whores to fill the gap, he doesn’t want to admit that Merritt broke his heart. Years later, he doesn’t expect her to show back up. He can’t just let her walk back into his life and not confront the choice she made but he also can’t let her walk out again.

HOT! This book is H.O.T.  The opening scene is the perfect introduction to Merritt and Greeley’s chemistry…SEXY and STEAMY.

I really enjoyed the storyline and characters in this story. I liked that Merritt and Greeley are from the same town in Louisiana, that they have such great chemistry and come from very different backgrounds. Merritt appears to be a privileged and driven girl making her way in the world and Greeley is the rough and tough alpha male who knows what he wants…and he gets it. This makes for great interactions and banter between the two. Merritt doesn’t quietly give in to Greeley, she definitely puts a up a fight and it’s sooooo entertaining. This made the book so captivating and hard to put down. My only issue is that when Merritt comes back into town, I wasn’t digging their interaction and how Greeley thought he could say/do anything he pleased. It rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning but I did get over it real quick and started to enjoy their relationship.

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5 responses to “Devil’s Honor by Megan Crane (Book Review)”

  1. Why does this cover present an old dude?


    1. I would agree the cover makes the guy look older. He is a little bit older in the book but not as old as the cover looks. His beard makes him look older too!


      1. Yeah I agree with you. And I know most bikers look scruffy and older but this cover just doesn’t appeal to me. lol

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  2. […] Amazon HERE. Check out Megan Cranes other biker Romance, Devil’s Honor. I gave it 4 stars. My review HERE. _________ “Like” my Facebook Page? Pretty please!?!?! […]

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