Devil’s Mark (The Devil’s Keepers, #2) by Megan Crane (Book Review)


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Adult Romance/Motorcycle Club Romance

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Holly Chambless is the squeaky clean and absolutely beautiful town “princess”. She is the daughter to the stuck up, arrogant mayor. When her father is charged with corruption, everything she knew or thought she knew falls apart. Her life has been manipulated and she has been lied to over and over again. Deciding to take a chance and make her own decisions, she looks for a job at a well known biker bar. Her world is turned upside down when she runs into the sexy as hell biker, Killian “Uptown” Chenier…again.

Uptown doesn’t have time for women, especially the sweet “princess”, Holly. She’s everything he knows he shouldn’t want and he knows he should stay away…but he can’t. Holly’s father has stolen from the Devil’s Keepers and must pay for his transgressions. Holly could be very useful in making the mayor pay, now if only he can keep his distance and not fall for her.

I really enjoyed this book!

It was a very quick read because the story is fast paced and thrilling! The dynamic between Uptown and Holly was on point. Squeaky clean “princess” and dirty and handsome biker…yes please! I really enjoyed Uptown and felt that I connected with him more than Holly. Holly has to grow up in this story and she does but I didn’t like all of her reactions and choices. I wanted her to be more angered at the situations and with Uptown. I really wanted to stand up for herself and be a strong, independent woman. Although she didn’t react the way I wanted her too, I still found her interesting and intriguing. I get it too. She is young, immature and still learning about herself.

If you are looking for a HOT biker romance book. Check this one out! Releases tomorrow, January 3rd. Pre Order on Amazon HERE.

Check out Megan Cranes other biker Romance, Devil’s Honor. I gave it 4 stars. My review HERE.


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