Nico by Sarah Castille (Book Review)


4 of 5

Adult Romance/Mafia Romance

Copy provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Nico is a Toscani and the current heir yet a bastard child. He is dark, handsome, smart and calculating. He is mafia. When a lovely and feisty woman is caught trying to hack into his casino’s computer system, he is displeased to find a woman hacker, a hacker he hired to test his security systems. She is also smart, calculating and sexy as hell. Little does he know she is the daughter of a rival mafia family.

Mia is a hacker for a small security company that she built all on her own. She is a Cordano, a daughter of a rival mafia family. She has suffered physical and mental abuse from her father’s hand but she won’t just take it. She will not let him, mob boss or not, control her or any man in fact especially Nico.

Both Nico and Mia are mafia “royalty”. Their bloodlines make them easy pawns in the mafia world. Planned marriages make great olive branches/peace treaties. When Nico find outs that Mia is being married to his sick and twisted family member, Tony. He can’t just walk away especially since she sparks are fire with him.

Overall this book was dark, gritty and intriguing. As of lately I have been really enjoying dark romances, especially mafia story lines because the plots are captivating and make a hell of a ride for my emotions! This book is one of them. It’s less romance than others I have read (don’t worry it’s still a romance) and more about the inner workings of the mafia. There are twists and turns that will keep your attention to the very end and the CHEMISTRY between Nico and Mia. On point.

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