Romance Reveal Book Box! (February 2017)

Romance Reveal Book Box! (February 2017)

I decided to try another Romance Reveal book box this month because I LOVED the one from last month. So I bought the one time purchase box available in their store again. They support many of the romance authors that I follow. I was so excited to get this box!

What’s inside new book box!?!? How pretty is this presentation!? 


Here is the reveal! 



*Promotional Flyers, cards, bookmarks, and goodies!

*And two signed books:
Marriage Games by CD Reiss
Crazy Stupid Love by Melissa Toppen


I LOVED this box and I am really thinking of signing up for the subscription!

What more info!?

Check out the Romance Reveal Book Box website! Below is a screenshot of how their subscriptions works…you can choose the price/size of the box you want! How cool!


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  1. I do not connect the romance genre, but I love the contents in this sub box. It seems very rewarding 🙂

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