Jordan Reclaimed by Scarlett Cole (Book Review)


4.5 of 5

Adult Romance

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Jordan basks in the fame and fortune of being the bassist in a popular heavy metal/rock band, Preload. His life comes with many perks but it has not always been this way. Coming from a traumatic childhood, Jordan had to learn how to survive through the toughest of times but it’s still difficult. The most difficult of all? Change.  As his friends and bandmates start to settle down and find their own lives, he is stuck… then he sees her. As he passes by a dance studio one night, he sees a ballerina dancing, leaving her heart and soul on the floor. He can’t take his eyes away from her. Who is she?

Aleksandra is the daughter of a famous Russian dancer and a principal dancer for the The National Ballet of Canada. She earns a living for her and her father through dance. Dancing is her life. To keep her controlling and overpowering father happy, she dedicates all her time and energy into being the best ballerina possible. She struggles to keep him happy because she must dance faster, lighter on her feet, she must lose 10 more pounds and skip meals but she just wants to be happy. To be free. When a stranger stops to watch her dance in the studio one night, everything changes. He could be her freedom.

WOW. This story is so emotional, tough and captivating! It deals with some deep and dark situations/issues but is executed well. I find it hard sometimes to read about abuse and disorders but when done well, it helps to bring clarification and understanding to these issues. Kudos to Scarlett for writing this story so well. What really made this story work were the characters, Jordan and Aleksandra. Both are well-developed and have detailed backstories that help make them real and relatable. They become more than characters in a story; they become real, someone who you could have passed on the street. By doing this, Scarlett has made a captivating story that I couldn’t put down!

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