Until Winter Breaks by Elana Johnson (Book Review) Happy Release Day!!!


 4.5 of 5

Goodreads Blurb: “Jared Newton can’t believe he’s returning to Redwood Bay, the town he escaped when he was only sixteen years old. But he’s back, because he lost his job in Denver – and lost his heart to his ex-girlfriend – and he’s looking to start fresh.

Too bad starting fresh doesn’t include being spied on and reported to the Sheriff for surfing during a storm. His annoying neighbor, Millie Larson, does both of those, and if she wasn’t so beautiful and fragile, Jared might just look the other way.

Jared is drawn to Millie and the attraction between them is hot and instant. Sure, she might rub him the wrong way sometimes, but he actually likes it. And he definitely gets her riled up in the best way possible. But Jared knows she’s hiding something, and Millie’s not sure about getting involved with the returned bad boy who rode into town on a motorcycle. Can Jared and Millie navigate the obstacles between them to find a new happily-ever-after?”

I really enjoyed this book! It’s a deep and emotional romance that takes your heart for a ride!

I absolutely love romances that take the necessary time for the characters to fall in love. I have never been a fan of “instalove.” I want to see and feel the chemistry grow between the main characters. It’s so fun and exciting to see this happen! I think you learn a lot about an author and their characters this way because you are able to fully understand and learn who each character is and what drives them. You get to SEE their story. Kudos to Elana! 

I fell in love with Millie and Jared. Both Millie and Jared, as main characters, need to grow and work past their “demons.” Millie was the star in this book to me. She had to grow the most and to see her journey was heartbreaking, heartwarming and enlightening. It made for a great and captivating read! I didn’t connect with Jared as much in this story. I would have liked to have had more backstory on him, especially his life as a lawyer and his breakup. I would have empathized more with him seeing this. Maybe another story from Jared’s point of view!? That would be fun and interesting to read too!

Overall, I really enjoyed the tone and pace in this book. The tone was sentimental and hopeful. The pace was relaxed, realistic and thrilling!

Check this one out! Out TODAY on Amazon.

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