His To Seduce by Stacey Lynn (Book Review) Happy Release Day!

4 of 5

Adult Romance

ARC provided for honest review through NetGalley.

Camden needs security and stability. The men in her life have either been nonexistent or have treated her poorly. She can’t and will not trust anyone. When David walks into her life, she starts to give in and begins to fall hard only to be disappointed. Can she learn to trust and love?

David made a choice to leave his career and former life behind. After a series events, it became clear to him that he didn’t like the path he was taking. He wants change. He wants Camden.

Lies and omitting the truth create an unstable foundation destined to crack. Can Camden and David’s relationship survive?

First. I highly recommend reading the other books in this series. I felt that I missed out on a lot of backstories and details by just reading this book. Reading this book as a standalone made the story feel backwards. I missed the crucial introductions and was thrown into the middle of Camden and David’s relationship. (Don’t get me wrong – it was HOT! Chemistry on point!) I just wasn’t able to connect with the main characters right away. It took about 45%/50% into the story for me to really get to know them and fully connect.

Camden and David are complex characters whom are well developed. Everything Camden, specifically, has been through has shaped her into the woman she is – insecure, unsure and unwilling to let anyone walk into her life yet she has learned to be strong and independent. David is similar in the way that he is strong and independent, but knows what he wants in life. He challenges Camden, which makes for a thrilling and captivating story! This story really focuses on Camden and her growth, I enjoyed that!

Let’s talk about the romance and chemistry. HOT HOT HOT! There are many steamy scenes throughout this book.

Overall, this was a quick yet emotional romance that is enlightening, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Available TODAY on Amazon.

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