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My Week With The Bad Boy by Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish (Book Review) 5 STARS

5 Stars
Adult Romance/Contemporary Romance
Copy provided for an honest review.

WOW! This book is fantastic!

This book is full of HOT HOT HOT chemistry and extremely sexy scenes all while having a strong story line that will break and warm your heart. Brilliant! Be prepared to feel so many emotions while reading this book.
From the very beginning I was hooked! I LOVE the whole idea of this book. Romance writer needs to get away for inspiration to write her next book. She reserves a guest house owned by an incredibly gorgeous yet irritating man. Good girl, Vada, meets bad boy, Ethan. Their chemistry is on fire and it will set you on edge. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for their interactions because it was hilarious, awkward and so much FUN to read!
Ethan and Vada are well-developed characters that have strong supporting backstories that really push the storyline forward. This is not a romance book JUST full of romance, it has a story too! One that will pull on your heartstrings. I totally expected this from Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish. Together they make some incredible romance books (check out the author Kennedy Fox).
I devoured this book in hours. I can’t wait to see what Brook and Lyra have next!
Releases TOMORROW, November 2nd – preorder on Amazon for ONLY 99 CENTS!

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