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“My Week With The Bad Boy” Book Box REVEAL! Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish Bookstagram Tribe.

Hello everyone!

I am so LUCKY to have received some AMAZING book mail from Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish (who also write together under the name Kennedy Fox) containing their new release MY WEEK WITH THE BAD BOY.

Let me say – before the reveal – this book was SO GOOD! Check out my 5 STAR review HERE. This book is full of HOT HOT HOT chemistry and extremely sexy scenes all while having a strong story line that will break and warm your heart.




There are so many amazing things in this box!

1)ADORABLE Cauldron Bath Bomb from Zen Bath Candies! Check out all the cute and colorful bath bombs, you can even buy some with prizes inside.

2) Wonderful smelling candle from Bookish Aromas by Reads by Rose named Bad Boyfriend. Sandalwood and amber. It smells fresh, clean and masculine…sexy! check out the linked etsy shop, there are so many different candles based on some great reads.

3) DELICIOUS cookie (my husband and I devoured it tonight) made by Sweets by Steph! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cookies. I just saw today some adorable Thanksgiving cookies too, check them out!

4) Cool “folding” pen. This pen can easily be stored away and then quickly tuned into a pen!

5) Fun metal Eiffel tower keychain. When you read My Week With The Bad Boy you will understand the significance of “Paris”. This keychain is so cool especially how detailed it is.


6+) Hand sanitizer, chapstick, mirror, stickers, magnets, bookmarks, bracelet and OF COURSE the book…


How GORGEOUS is this cover!? DAMN! You can NOT miss this book or the others coming soon from Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish. These ladies know how to write a captivating and SEXY romance. I am a fan and will gladly read anything by Brooke, Lyra and Kennedy Fox.

Buy My Week With The Bad Boy on:

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Connect with Brooke:

Twitter @blcumberland

➞Instagram – brookecumberland_xo

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Connect with Lyra:

Twitter @lyraparish

Instagram – lyraparish

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Visit Brooke & Lyra here:

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