All I Want for Christmas is You By Lisa Mondello (Holiday Book Review) FREE for Kindle!

Category: Holiday Romance
4.5 out of 5
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a sweet and charming novel filled with heartbreak, hardships, forgiveness and best of all – LOVE! The main character, Lauren, is well rounded and realistic. She is a single parent who was abandoned by her family when she chose to keep her daughter, Kristen. Kristen is a smart and fun six year old who’s only wish for Christmas is not a toy but a gift for her mother – a daddy! Kyle is not only the “man in the red suit” for this holiday season but also the mall’s owner and a well-off Real Estate developer who loves to help and give to others. He is also a well-rounded and realistic character and like Lauren he has experienced abandonment.
After their first encounter, a series of events keeps bringing them together. Kyle can’t stop thinking about Lauren and besides being sweet and giving, he is persistent…very persistent. Lauren has to decide if she can trust Kyle and let him into her and her daughter’s lives.
This novel is a quick (too quick!) read that kept me rooting for love! I only wish that the story had a bit more depth and more of a timeline. The story felt that it progressed a little too soon. There were a few moments that I thought Kyle was too persistent and Lauren was too stubborn but looking back on it, it made the story even better. If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit and/or want a heartwarming story about love – this is it!

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