My April 2019 Romance Reveal Book Box – Subscriptions AVAILABLE NOW!

The Romance Reveal Book Box has OPEN SUBSCRIPTIONS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book box filled with signed romance books and swag. Click the link below to get your box now!

Hurry before the subscriptions close!!!!

(See my April 2019 box above!)

Check out some of the previous Featured Authors:
Anna Todd, Rachel Van Dyken, Melanie Harlow, Corinne Michaels, TM Frazier, Skye Warren, Jiffy Kate, Melissa Foster, Piper Rayne, Helena Hunting, Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward, LK Farlow,
RC Boldt, and Kandi Steiner

Order yours now before subscriptions close! Click the link below!

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I’m Kelly! Welcome to my book blog!

I enjoy stories that take me for a ride – make my heart race and ache – and force me to slow down to savor every word (yes! I am a speed reader!).

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