In the Pursuit of Charity by Alxandria Sure (Book Review) 4 STARS

Clean Romance
Copy provided for an honest review
First, let me talk about how I found out about this book and the author. I met Alexandria Sure through my work. I found out that she is a Romance Author, and me being a Romance Book Blogger, it made sense to check out her work. Alexandria sent me a copy of her book and I am SO glad that I had the chance to meet her and read this book! What’s so cool about this book is that it’s set near my hometown and takes place at the college I went to – Michigan State University. On top of a cool setting, Alexandria creates REALISTIC, everyday characters that are relatable. YES!

Charity is a beautiful, full-bodied woman, not your typical skinny supermodel book love interest. She is just like any other young woman going to college. She is figuring out what she wants in life and dealing with the body shaming and tough situations big girls experience. She is strong, determined and a bit feisty which makes the interactions with the sexy swim captain, Linc, so fun! Linc is a sweet, sexy and down to earth guy. He is the swim captain of the college team. He too is determined, strong and very disciplined. He is regimented with his swim career and has had a fairly “blessed” life. Having a scholarship, being good looking and popular makes his life a breeze. When he meets Charity for the first time, he is instantly attracted to her. Being the guy who can have any girl that he wants – and believe me, girls are throwing themselves at him – he realizes he wants Charity but he must first breakdown her walls. This is not going to be easy but love is worth it!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Hello realistic love story! There isn’t insta-love. The characters have to work to build a relationship and Charity doesn’t just give in to Linc. Linc has to PURSUE her. This is one of the main reasons why I really enjoyed this book.

One thing… I wished there was more! I wanted more of Charity’s perspective. I wanted to be inside her mind to better understand what she was feeling and why. I wanted to understand how the walls she built around herself got there. I wanted to feel more for her. She intrigued me from the very beginning! Good news….there is another book after this one. I am so thankful because the cliffhanger at the end of this book left me twitching and wanting more.

Check out this book! Buy HERE on Amazon.

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