Penance by K. E. Osborn (Chicago Defiance MC Book 2) (Book Review) 4.5 STARS


4.5 Stars

Motorcycle Club Romance/Adult Romance

Copy provided for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb

I am so thankful I found these Motorcycle Club Romance books by KE Osborn. They are so FREAKING GOOD! I finished Book 1, Resistance, (check out my 5 star review HERE) and I was so excited for this book. I wanted to know MORE and to find out what was going on in the world of the Chicago Defiance Club. This book is about Sensei and Ayla and oh boy… you are in for a ride with these two strong, sexy and fun characters! Not only do you get to meet these two great characters, you get to continue the journey with the others!

Let’s talk about Sensei and Ayla. Sensei is a quiet and reserved enforcer of the Chicago Defiance crew. He does a lot of the dirty work. I expected him to be harsh, cunning and devious. He was definitely not what I expected and it made me love him even more! He seems to have it all together. He is respectful, fiercely loyal and smart. When he encounters Ayla, his world is shaken up by this beautiful and challenging woman.

Ayla is constantly surrounded by men. She has two brothers and is a mechanic that works with all men. She is strong, tough and playful. She doesn’t take crap from anyone even the the gruff Chicago Defiance crew or Sensei. When she runs into Sensei, she is immediately attracted to him. What better way to show that than to push his buttons!? The interactions between Sensei and Ayla were the best! They made me laugh out loud and uncomfortable at times…either way I was enjoying every minute.

This book had everything I wanted. Strong and interesting characters, sexy chemistry and a captivating plot that hooked me. I devoured this book in hours!

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Here is the list of all books in this series:

#1 Resistance (Torque & Heeley)

#2 Penance (Sensei & Ayla)

#3 Deviance

#4 Sufferance

#5 Acceptance

#6 Balance


Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.



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