Romance Reveal Book Box – Subscriptions AVAILABLE NOW!

The Romance Reveal Book Box has OPEN SUBSCRIPTIONS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book box filled with signed romance books and swag. Click HERE or the link below to get your box now!

Hurry before the subscriptions close!!!!

Check out my new July 2019 box below!

Check out some of the upcoming Featured Authors:
Magan Vernon, Cary Hart, Lisa Shelby. Katie Ashley, Kristen Proby, Brooke McBride, Sadia Ash, Siobhan Davis, Alexandria Bishop, Jiffy Kate, Kennedy Fox, Melissa Toppen, Laramie Briscoe, Micalea Smeltzer, Kelsie Rae, Victoria Ashley, Savannah Stewart, Abby Brooks, Jennifer Rebecca, Kelly Elliott & MANY MORE!

Order yours now before subscriptions close!

One response to “Romance Reveal Book Box – Subscriptions AVAILABLE NOW!”

  1. Hello!

    If you enjoy novels, here is an excerpt from mine-

    I’ve shit on myself more times than I can count. The first few times it was a big deal. I won’t say I’ve gotten used to it, because it’s not something you could ever get used to. I just clean myself up and try not to dwell on it. If I really thought about it, I’d lose my mind and wouldn’t be able to survive…

    READ the entire novel ‘Heifer’ on sale now at online retailers everywhere!!!

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