Crow & Reaper (Boston Underworld Series) by Ashleigh Zavarelli (Quick Book Reviews)

Adult Romance/Mafia Romance

These books each can be read as standalones BUT I would highly suggest reading them in order because it gives the “full” picture with detailed backstories…

Crow (Book 1)


4.5 of 5

Lachlan Crow is a dangerous mobster with a sexy Irish accent. He may also be one of the few people who knows what happened to a young and beautiful girl, Talia, that went missing. Mackenzie “Mack” Wilder is the daughter of a famous underground MMA fighter (a fighter herself) and Talia was her best friend. Deciding the best chance to find Talia is to go undercover and work at the mob owned dance (strip) bar, Mack doesn’t expect to fall into the sights of Lachlan. He wants her and she must play along to find her missing friend. Acting interested isn’t difficult when the chemistry is off the charts. Can Mack find her friend and avoid falling for the sexy alpha mobster?

Hot alpha mobster, sexy and strong heroine, and dangerous and thrilling situations!? Yes, please! I LOVED this book!

Ashleigh Zavarelli does an amazing job of creating this detailed world of the mafia filled with sexy alpha men, hot chemistry/sex and dangerous situations! Lachlan is a sexy and rough man who knows what he wants and has no problem getting it. When Mack comes into his sight, he has to have her. The best part!? Mack doesn’t easily submit to him and puts up a fight! Her attitude/personality with Lachlan is very entertaining. I was seriously laughing out loud yet cowering because I was entertained yet afraid of how Lachlan would react. I was on the edge of my seat and could NOT put this book down! The plot keeps you guessing.

Reaper (Book 2)


4.5 of 5

Ronan is the mob’s butcher. He has been trained to take care of the “dirty” side of the job and he’s one of the best. He is also Lachlan’s friends and right hand man. Life has never been easy for Ronan. His previous training has left him emotionally distant from others but there is one woman who catches his eye, Sasha. He watches and follows her any chance he can get. He has seen her in terrible relationships and at various low points in her life, he can’t stay away and he knows he can’t give her what he needs. Sasha’s is struggling to make it through. Her mother is dying, her sheltered sister is off creating a normal life and she is stuck dancing for a Mob owned bar. She chooses men who use and abuse her but there is one mysterious man she can’t stop thinking about, Ronan. They had been together once and she can’t stop thinking about it. Will she choose to leave everything behind to start a new life or will Ronan be the reason she stays?

Again…Hot alpha mobster, sexy and strong heroine, and dangerous and thrilling situations!? Yes, please! This follow up to book one with Ronan and Sasha’s story brings the heat just like Book 1 – Crow.

This has been my favorite book of this series so far because of Ronan. Ronan is the “butcher”. He kills and it’s not pretty. He seems to be very distant and unsure of how to connect with people, which makes his job easier yet makes it difficult for him to find love/a connection. Seeing him interact with Sasha is hot and sometimes awkward but seeing his growing possessiveness, want and need for her made for a great story. Ronan grows the most in this book (although Sasha does too) and it that kept me captivated to the very end.

These stories are so fresh and entertaining! Check them out especially if you’re into hot alpha males or mafia stories!!!

Crow – Amazon

Reaper – Amazon

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