Cruel Beginnings by Lyra Parish and Lili St. Germain (Dark Romance Book Review)

What the hell did I just read!? 


Where do I even start? 

This book was dark. Very dark! Please, please, please read the trigger warnings and go into this story prepared. Not joking here. 

Although I knew what I was getting into, I didn’t expect this book to be as dark as it was. It definitely shocked me. Yet it was intriguing too. Getting through some of the dark and twisted moments were difficult but I was captivated and hooked. I had to know more and I had to know where this book was going. 

There are twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and I loved that! When a book can catch me off gaurd, I HAVE to give it some kudos. This book definitely caught me off gaurd and kept me guessing. Nice work to Lyra and Lili!

The characters were so interesting to me. I really connected with Birdie. I enjoyed that she was a strong yet young woman that came from a tough upbringing. Darius confused me alot with all the feelings. I wanted to hate him and love him at different times…and sometimes at the same time. I think that speaks to the well developed characters and plot. 

And the chemistry. Hot. Exciting. Terrifying. 

I am conflicted on how to rate this book. It’s ones of the darkest romance books I have read yet. Some of it was not my favorite but that’s OK and I can’t lower a rating based on the content that I knew I would encounter. It was well written with very interesting characters and a plot that took me for a ride.

Check it out but know you’ve been warned. 

On Amazon now. 

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