Neutral Zone by Teagan Hunter (4 Star Review)

4 Stars

Hockey Romance

This book gave me so many feels! The characters are relatable, story is cute and exciting, and the banter is steamy and freaking hilarious! I am not surprised that I LOVED this story because Teagan Hunter never disappoints. Never. I am just a sucker for steamy, awkward and yet hilarious moments that make laugh, grin and blush.

I really enjoyed how relatable these characters were. Rosie seems like the everyday, girl next door. And Fitz is just as relatable and cute. I absolutely loved their moments together. One of major moments that gave me butterflies was when they were “chatting” online in the very beginning of this book – even though Rosie didn’t know it was Fitz. This moment gave me so many feels…maybe it’s my millennial self but the I had some personal flashbacks to how I felt chatting online with my friends and crush. I could feel the excitement and mystery. Just so cool!

I won’t give too much away but if you enjoy sports/hockey romances and cute couples with fun banter/interactions…this book is for you. Well, all Teagan Hunter books are for you then. Go get this book now!

Buy now on Amazon HERE.

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