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Happy Release Day! Ravage by Tillie Cole (Book Review)

Happy Release Day! (August 16, 2016) Check out this intense and capitavting new romance book!

Ravage by Tillie Cole



Adult Romance (WARNING! Readers be warned! This book contains torture and rape)

My Rating:4.5 of 5

This story is INTENSE, captivating, heartbreaking and heartwarming. There were moments that I wanted to stop reading because it was A LOT to handle but I seriously couldn’t. I was hooked. This story, like the other two Raze & Reap, has moments that are extremely intense and uncomfortable. Be prepared! Each moment helps to build up the plot and characters to make this emotional ride of a book.

My Review Here


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Scarred Souls – Raze & Reap – Books 1 & 2

My Review of Scarred Souls


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