Scarred Souls (Raze & Reap) by Tillie Cole (Book Review)

Scarred Souls (Raze & Reap) by Tillie Cole (Book Review)

Warning! This book contains graphic violence and sensitive subjects.

ARC provided for a honest review through NetGalley.

Raze (4 of 5)

“To take back life one must first face death…”

This story follows prisoner 818, who eventually names himself Raze, as he escapes from Hell. Hell being the prison that tortured him into being a ruthless monster who fights to the death in gambling rings. After escaping, 818 has one thing on his mind. Revenge.

Wow. This story is INTENSE, captivating, thrilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. There were moments that I wanted to stop reading – it was a lot to handle – but I couldn’t. I was hooked. These moments are extremely intense and uncomfortable, so be prepared, but each moment helps to build up the plot and characters to make this emotional ride of a book. The subject/setting of this book, mafiya (mafia), comes with gruesome details (as expected) but honestly each scene was needed and insightful. Tillie Cole does an amazing job of building up her well-rounded characters with flashbacks and current scenes that will make your blood boil and your heart drop to your feet. There are also times that will warm your heart and make you smile making the “difficult” scenes totally worth it!

My favorite part of this story is the characters, Kisa, Raze, Luka, Talia, Alik, etc…. Each character is complex and full of personality. Although I could “relate” to all of them, I was still intrigued and wanted to know more. The chemistry between Raze and Kisa is on point – hot! I also really enjoy the “family” aspect and values in this story. Family is everything and I could see that without it being stated. My only wish is that we could have seen more of Talia and Kisa relationship. They definitely appear as great friends but I feel like Talia could have “helped” more in certain situation. If I were her and I experienced some of the things my best friend was going through…I would have done something even if my hands were tied. I would have tried.

Looking for an intense and fast paced read!? Check this book out!

Reap (4 of 5)

“You are…for me.”

This story follows prisoner 221 who had been kidnapped and knows nothing about has past or who he once was. He is beaten, drugged and forced to become a monster. He is given a drug that makes him follow his master’s commands. Every command. Being the prototype for this new drug, he is his master’s prized possession. Seeing revenge against 221’s master, Luka attacks and frees 221. Now 221 must remember who he once was and accept his past to be able to move forward. Everything becomes even clearer when a gorgeous woman walks into his life.

Just like the first book, Raze (Book 1. Go read it first!), this story is INTENSE. There are some scenes that are difficult to read but in the end add to the story. This story is heartbreaking, heartwarming and enlightening. I really enjoyed that it picked up from the last book, Raze, and still followed Luka and Kisa but focused on Talia and 221. I was THRILLED that this book followed Talia. I really enjoyed her from the last book and definitely wanted to know more about her!

The dialogue. Wow. Tillie Cole has a way with dialogue and interactions, especially in this book. She has built wonderfully strong and complex characters that grow throughout the storylines but one of the best parts of this story is the interactions and dialogue between the characters. There are many moments that I had to stop reading to let all the words sink in. I found myself agreeing and nodding “yes!” because it all felt perfect. Tillie does such a wonderful job of communicating how her characters are feeling through their words and actions. This makes the story so captivating, exciting and satisfying. I did not want to put the book down. I wanted to know what the characters would say next or what they would do.

Overall, I really enjoyed both of these books. I am so glad that they are being published together in this one book, Scarred Souls. Although intense and uncomfortable at times, these stories are well worth it! The characters are strong, the writing is fantastic and the plot is captivating. I am now a fan of Tillie Cole!


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