Riot (Scarred Souls #4) By Tillie Cole (Book Review) Happy Release Day!!!

4.5 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

WOW. This book is dark, emotional and so CAPTIVATING. It’s the final book in the Scarred Souls series. The other books are Raze, Reap, and Ravage.                    

Tillie Cole has done it again. She created and continued the story of a dark, intense and detailed world. This is a world where children are stolen from orphanages and their families to become servants/slaves to the Master and his Blood Pit. Men and women are drugged to be subservient and subdued. They forget their pasts and become nameless except for the numbers branded on them. The drugs they take make them act as sex slaves and brutal fighters for the Master’s entertainment. Just like the past books, this is a difficult read but so worth it! It made me uncomfortable at times but never lost my attention. Tillie creates yet another dark yet beautiful love story between two broken individuals who learn to love and grow through their experiences in this dark world. So amazing!

152 and 901’s love story is so interesting and alluring. They are two broken individuals who find each other when they need help the most. They have a forbidden love that made me root for them from the very beginning to the very end. Per usual, Tillie has created well-developed and complex characters that are unique and have great stories to tell. She creates them to be relatable (although it may be hard to see) and real, allowing the reader to empathize with their situations. I did. I became lost in their stories and wanted them to win, to succeed. 

Overall, I loved this final story of the Scarred Souls series. Tillie Cole never disappoints and I knew this was going to be an emotional ride I wouldn’t forget. Now I feel like I need to reread the series over again – that’s how you know they are so good!

Looking for a captivating, dark and intense read!? Check out the Scarred Souls series and this final installment, Riot.

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