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Ravage by Tillie Cole (Book Review)

4.5 of 5

Adult Romance (WARNING! Readers be warned! This book contains torture and rape)

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley. This is the third book in this series. I highly recommend reading the others first because the characters from the last two are in this one.

194 is a monster. He was tortured, forced drugs that instill complete obedience and trained to be a killer. He has no freedom or even the ability to know what he is doing. He a weapon and a sex object. When he is sent on a mission to take down a man responsible for killing his master, he encounters a woman who sees past the monster. She may be able to get through to him.

Zoya is kidnapped by 194. Little does 194 know, she is the sister of the man he has been ordered to kill. Refusing to give her real name or any information as to why she was found near his ordered kill, she suffers days of torture. As she gets to know her captor she realizes that there is so much more to him that the 194 tattooed on his chest.

He is damaged. She is damaged. Can she break through the drugs altering his mind?

WOW. Where to begin!?

This story is INTENSE, captivating, heartbreaking and heartwarming. There were moments that I wanted to stop reading because it was A LOT to handle but I seriously couldn’t. I was hooked. This story, like the other two Raze & Reap, has moments that are extremely intense and uncomfortable. Be prepared! Each moment helps to build up the plot and characters to make this emotional ride of a book. Tillie Cole does an amazing job of building up her complex characters with detailed backstories through flashbacks and current scenes that will make your blood boil and your heart drop to your feet. There are also times that will warm your heart and make you smile making the “difficult” scenes totally worth it!

If you are looking for a story that is dark, gritty and will give you some many emotions/feels AND will captivate you to the very end – this one is for you! Available for pre-order on Amazon.

Scarred Souls – Raze & Reap – Books 1 & 2

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