Wild & Sweet (The Haven Brotherhood, #2) by Rhenna Morgan (Book Review) – HAPPY RELEASE DAY!

4 of 5
Adult Romance
ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.
Zeke Dugan is a brother in the Haven Brotherhood. He is also a trauma doctor who has no problem using his skills to help and protect his family/brothers. He is always on call and drops everything when a brother is in need. When he meets a prospect’s sister, he can take his eyes off of her. The beautiful, smart and introverted woman is exactly what he wants.
Gabriella “Gabe” keeps to herself. She enjoys her job as a mechanic and taking photos on her free time. She doesn’t enjoy social situations, they send her into panic attacks. After being assaulted in a robbery while checking on her neighbor’s house, she doesn’t want to go to the hospital, luckily her brother’s friend, Zeke, comes to the rescue. Zeke sets her on fire. He is handsome, smart and -HELLO- a doctor!
I really enjoyed the romance and chemistry between Zeke and Gabe. This book focuses on their relationship and Gabe overcoming her anxiety. Seeing Gabe grow, learn about herself and how to handle her anxiety is essential to this successful story and makes it SO CAPTIVATING. I was rooting for her from the beginning to the very end!
Hello Zeke! Seriously…hot and sweet doctor…SOLD! But really, I loved his character and I loved how he interacts with Gabe. Seeing him push her to grow and overcome was so cute.
Overall this book was really good! I enjoyed the main characters (and can’t wait for the other brother’s books!) and the plot…it was steady and kept me guessing!
Did you read the first book in this series, Rough & Tumble!? NO!? You should. It’s fantastic and gets the reader ready for this book. Check out my review for Rough & Tumble HERE.

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