Claim & Protect by (Haven Brotherhood #3) by Rhenna Morgan – HAPPY RELEASE DAY!



ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley

Adult Romance/”Club” Romance

Goodreads Blurb Here

Finally breaking away from her conniving ex-husband, Natalie is doing everything possible to build new life for her and her son, Levi. She won’t let Wyatt, her ex, bring her down. Needing to take chances to make ends meet, she gets a second job as a waitress at Trevor’s Bar, a member of the Brotherhood. Natalie is determined to make the best life she can for Levi. Now if only she can focus on everything but her sexy as hell boss.

Trevor lives on the edge. He is a smart, strong alpha male who knows how to treat a lady. When he notices his new waitress bending the rules and using her cell phone on company time, he is first ticked off but quickly realizes something is wrong. Natalie has caught his eye from day one. He’s attracted to her but knows he must keep it professional. After witnessing her upset, he sends her home to be with family but also decides to follow her home.  He needs to make sure she is safe. He can’t stay away from her and he will NOT tolerate seeing his – I mean – this woman being beaten down.

Wyatt, Natalie’s ex, knows how to play the custody game and money sure helps. Natalie must learn to deal with his scheming ways and realize who she is…a great mom. Wyatt will not give up easily. He will do anything and everything to bring Natalie down.

Let me first say that I am a BIG fan of the Haven Brotherhood books. Read the first two books: Rough & Tumble (My review HERE. Jace’s story – MY FAV!) and Wild & Sweet (My review HERE. Zeke’s story). These books are so thrilling and captivating with great developed characters. Be ready for HOT chemistry and SEXY alpha males!

I really enjoyed this book. Like the others, it has a great storyline. I really enjoyed Natalie’s character the most. She is realistic and down to earth. I can really see/feel the love she has for Levi, her son. In this story, Natalie’s world is complicated. She is learning to navigate the single parent life, working hard to make ends meet, and raising her son to be a gentleman. None which are easy to accomplish. I enjoyed seeing her struggles, successes and growth through this story.

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