Adult Romance · Motorcycle Club Romance

Rough & Tumble (The Haven Brotherhood, #1) by Rhenna Morgan (Book Review)


4.5 of 5

Adult Romance/”Motorcycle” Club Romance (Overall – Club Romance)

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Jace Kennedy is a successful businessman and lives for the challenge. He gets what he wants, right when he wants it. When Vivienne Moore walks into his club to rescue her yet again drunk sister, he lays eyes on her and knows that he wants her.

Vivienne is doing all that she can to make a better life for herself. Coming from nothing, she puts up many fronts to try and succeed in her event planning business. When she encounters the handsome and cunning owner of a local nightclub, Jace, she realizes she is in for a ride. His sight is set on her. She has a lot to learn from Jace, if only she can let her hair down.

Let me start and say, I was very unsure of this book at first. The beginning club scene and alpha male attitude didn’t sit right BUT then it happened…BAM…it all came together and I could NOT put this book down! Personally, I don’t love all alpha males because sometimes it’s just too “caveman” for me but all of that changed when I started to see Jace for who he was and what his true intentions were. He is so much more that a sex driven club owner. He is complex and has a side that I just can’t get enough of. To my surprise… I LOVED this book.

Vivienne started off the same. She is obviously not comfortable with herself and it’s very apparent. Jace is exactly what she needs to grow and learn to let go…if she allows him too. She was a mystery for me, I think having more backstory on her life growing up would have allowed me to connect with her quicker but I still really enjoyed her character, especially next to Jace.

Once getting past the “introductions” I was able to really enjoy the ride this book provides. There are twists and turns that kept me on the edge of me seat!

The boys of “The Haven Brotherhood” appear to be alpha males, hot and sexy as hell. They are family. Seeing all of them interact together and with Vivienne makes me so excited for what is to come in the next books.

Check out this book – preorder on Amazon here! (Only 99 cents right now for Kindle) – Releases Feb 20, 2017.

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