Ghost by A. Zavarelli (Book Review)

5 of 5

Adult Romance/Mafia Romance

ARC provided for an honest review.

WARNING! This book contains physical, mental and sexual abuse and violence.
Talia is broken. She is kidnapped, mentally and physically abused, starved, drugged and used as an object for sex. She was backstabbed by someone she thought she could trust and sold into sexually slavery. The only way she can escape this nightmare is through death, taking her own life… but one day a man shows up and changes everything. He rescues her and gives her the things she needs to start a new life, a better life. Can someone really heal from such trauma? Can she learn to trust again?

Alexei is in the mafiya. He has Vory codes, traditions and expectations to follow. He breaks all of them when he rescues the beautiful and broken woman being held captive against her will. He gives her everything he can and tries to bring her back from the dark world she is trapped in but she is trapped in her own destroyed mind. Alexei has secrets, secrets that can bring him down. Can he trust Talia?

Talia needs someone to save her. Alexei needs someone to save him. Can two broken souls mend together? He is her savior and she might just be his.

OH. MY. GOD. This book is INTENSE, captivating, heartbreaking, heartwarming and…just wow! This story will take you for an emotional ride. Yes, there are some really dark and hard subjects in this book but each of these moments help to build this complex and captivating story. The lows make the highs worth it all in the end. The characters and their backstories are complex and plot is detailed with twists and turns. Ashleigh creates a dark underworld of mafiya that you will not be able to put down!

Be prepared to cry, be in shock, smile and laugh out loud. If you haven’t read the two other books, Crow and Reaper, I highly suggest reading those first – although this can be read as a standalone. It helps having all of the characters backstories AND the other two books are SO GOOD like this one! Be ready to lock yourself away to finish each of them!

Releases August 27, 2016

2 responses to “Ghost by A. Zavarelli (Book Review)”

  1. 5/5! Must be a good read! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. So good!!! Intense and captivating!!!

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